Picture Framing Ideas

Framing Ideas

You do not have to be a creative genius to make interesting and fun pictures with the YourFramer™ online custom framing tool.

The "Framing Ideas" pages will give you lots of ideas for you to make creative projects using a YourFramer™ kit and a little imagination. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you're having difficulty with your project or have any questions!


Photo and Film Framing Ideas 

Digital Scrapbooking Ideas

digital scrapbooking Scrap booking

Use the YourFramer™ online custom framing program to frame images that will add interest to your gallery of pictures stored on your computer. Just don't store them, arrange your images in order, adding such pages as titles, index's, route maps and other fun pages. Here are some samples of pages made using the YourFramer™ online custom framing program. The text was added using commercial editing software.




Arts and Crafts Framing Ideas

How to Frame your Needlework, Tapestries and Paintings

how to frame needlework step 1 how to frame needlework step 2 how to frame needlework step 3


  • Photograph your artwork and import the digital image into the YourFramer™ online custom framing program. Stretch out the subject so that it is flat.
  • Select the mounts to suit your artwork, using the tips and advice in the program files. With the YourFramer™ online custom framing program you can try any number of mounts and frames.
  • Once you are happy with your design and colour selections, order your framing kit. The kit comes complete and fully assembled, ready for you to insert your "masterpiece"
  • To help you complete the job there are additional items such as Needlework tape & Hinging tapes for artworks - all available in the shopping cart.

Framing a Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles can be framed with any style of frame. These can be framed with a protective layer of glass or acrylic. The YourFramer™ kit frame for Jigsaws puzzles, is supplied with acrylic glass.

An alternative to glass is to "Brush Mark" the surface with Texturing Cream. This makes the image appear like an original oil painting. It also seals the surface so glass is not necessary, and the cream penetrates around the edges of the pieces of the puzzle which helps keep them firmly in place. Here is the method we used to frame our jigsaw.


  • Firstly the puzzle needs to be mounted/glued down so that the pieces do not move. Place a board over the completed jigsaw, and turn the whole picture upside down
  • Spray the back of the puzzle with Spray Adhesive, then place a piece of fomecore onto the back and press onto the adhesive.
  • Turn back, and the puzzle pieces are now glued into place.
  • Brush the Texturing cream onto the surface, leaving brush strokes. Frame when the cream has dried. Glass or Acrylic is not necessary.

Jigsaw Puzzle 1 Jigsaw Puzzle 2 Jigsaw Puzzle 1


Wallpaper and Decorative Mounts

wallpaper decorative mounts You do not have to use the standard coloured mount supplied in your kit.


  • Cover the mat with decorative wallpaper, scrapbooking papers, wrapping paper, or a pattern created and printed on your own computer.
  • Your favourite photo of your children can be given a wonderful new look by using different papers to cover the standard coloured mountboard.



  Home Decoration Framing Ideas

Room Makeover - a matter of balance!

Marilyn Edge from Park Orchards, asked the YourFramer™ Team for some advise about her plate display.


make over plates before Marilyn was not quite sure about her plate display. Here we have a corner of the room decorated with Spode plates. But the one "special" plate under the light is not in balance with the overall theme. By moving the plate into the collection and adding a small picture to the same spot a sence of balance is restored to the corner.

A small limited edition print was chosen to enhance the area and match the colour theme.





make over plates after The limited edition print has some blue tonings in the image , while the frame we selected was silver.

The silver of the frame blends in with the blue plates, and the antique gold of the light fitting.Two mounts were used in the picture. The outer mount is a cream/beige to be in harmony with the wood walls, and the inner smaller mount in silver/blue to match the colours in the print and the surroundings.

Use your digital camera and the YourFramer™ online custom framing program to design your room "makeovers"






Memories Framing Ideas

Children's "special" Days!

kids canvas Ever wondered what to do with those "very cheap" stretched canvas panels you see in the shops. Create a "special" picture with impressions of your childrens hands or feet. The kids will love painting with their hands. Then frame them with any one of our pastel coloured frames. Priceless!!

Create names with "Letter Mounts"....the names of your children, sports team, favourite Film or music star. Letters carved into mount board ready for framing. This is a new service from the YourFramer design team. Contact us for more details.
memories picture frame



Sports Framing Ideas

Framing a Football Jumper....sorry about the colours!

Having sports shirts framed is expensive. Save yourself a considerable amount with and have your jumpers framed with ease with YourFramer.

You do not have to find a special deep rebate frame to frame a shirt or jumper. Any of the medium sized frames shown in the YourFramer™ online custom framing program can be used. We supply you with full instructions on how to mount and complete the framing job. You will be amazed how easy it is and how much money you will save. You will also need to order the Jumper Framing Kit which includes the acid free tape and the Jumper Tacks.

framing football Jersey framing soccer Jersey football picture frame


  • Photograph your jersey and import the digital image into the YourFramer online custom framing program
  • Select a background colour. (This can be supplied as a full sheet). You mount the jumper onto the background colour using Needlework tape and Jumper Tacks.
  • Select the outer mounts and frame, and order the Jumper Framing Kit. The frame comes assembled and complete with acrylic glass and precut mounts. All you do is stretch the jumper using the tapes, and fit it into the frame




Hobbies Framing Ideas

Framing your Scrapbooking Pages

Rather than keeping your favourite scrapbook pages in an album, frame them and hang them for everyone to see. Any frame can be used. If the page is from an album then the relief will not be too thick, so a space between the acrylic glass and the page can be created by inserting small spacers around the edges of the frame. Spacers can be made from small offcuts of Fomecore board. If your page contains bulky items then insert a mount surround on the page, after which additional spacers can be inserted under the mount.

scrapbooking ideas scrap book ideas


  • Order your frame to the size of your page.
  • Add a mount if you need to create a deeper space.
  • Picture #1 is a shadow box frame consisting of two frames. The inner frame has been cut as a shadow box and is fitted into the rebate of the outer frame. Add a shadow box to your order. We can show you how to assemble these frames.
  • Picture #2 has a wide double mount and spacers inserted between the mounts. The spacers are cut from strips of fomecore backing board. Add an extra piece of fomecore board to your order, so that you can cut these strips. Full instructions are available on how to make this frame.