cherished memories

Why hanging photos of your kids is so important to your child’s identity

This is my daughter – she’s just turned 18. In this photo she’s sitting on her dad’s shoulders at the Notting Hill Festival in London where we used to live. She had deafening whistle she blew in his ear all day, there was dancing in the streets, music, lots of great food…. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. She doesn’t, but thanks to this photo she knows this story. As one of her 18th birthday gifts I…

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memories are everything

I had a customer in today with 2 beautiful photographs to frame. Now, this is the bit I love…. Why, how, when, where…. there’s always a story behind things to be framed! The photographs were taken by a friend of hers – a keen amateur photographer. Her and her husband, the photographer friend and his wife went on a trip of a lifetime around Australia. They came across many amazing things of course but these photographs of this particular sunset…

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