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Love a gallery wall

Love, love, love a gallery wall ❤️ Otherwise known as a French Hang wall. Why (and I love this)? It came from many years ago in Paris when artists would trade small pieces of their art for a few drinks and some food. Parisian restaurants became little art galleries in their own right. I wonder if Monet or Cezanne ever did…. I love the way a gallery wall brings colour, excitement and variety to any wall, and creates a great…

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i’d like to go… everywhere!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag I don’t think it actually matters where you go, whether you’re lucky enough to take a trip overseas, or explore all Australia has to offer (and jeez, that’s A LOT!). Going places, exploring new territory is not only a great adventure, I think it can also take you away from the boring every day routine. It creates new vibes, resets your clock, gives you inspiration, makes you learn…

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