Why hanging photos of your kids is so important to your child’s identity

This is my daughter – she’s just turned 18. In this photo she’s sitting on her dad’s shoulders at the Notting Hill Festival in London where we used to live. She had deafening whistle she blew in his ear all day, there was dancing in the streets, music, lots of great food…. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. She doesn’t, but thanks to this photo she knows this story. As one of her 18th birthday gifts I…

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i’d like to go… everywhere!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag I don’t think it actually matters where you go, whether you’re lucky enough to take a trip overseas, or explore all Australia has to offer (and jeez, that’s A LOT!). Going places, exploring new territory is not only a great adventure, I think it can also take you away from the boring every day routine. It creates new vibes, resets your clock, gives you inspiration, makes you learn…

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keep or delete

Are you like me? An absolute hoarder of shoes…. And photos? The shoe thing I’ve tried to get therapy for without success, so I’ll try to amend my photo hoarding a little. Photos are such an awesome memory of everything you do, but with every device being able to take a photo I do end up with a lot of them – everywhere and on everything! Having had to do a cull on my phone recently as I couldn’t take…

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