i’d like to go… everywhere!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag

I don’t think it actually matters where you go, whether you’re lucky enough to take a trip overseas, or explore all Australia has to offer (and jeez, that’s A LOT!).

Going places, exploring new territory is not only a great adventure, I think it can also take you away from the boring every day routine. It creates new vibes, resets your clock, gives you inspiration, makes you learn new things…. Do I need to go on? It’s good for the soul.

I am a massive traveler – probably because I was born in the Netherlands. Europeans love a trip!  We used to lug big cameras around on our travels (some still do!) but nowadays taking photos on the road (or a plane, or a train) is so easy. Phones are everything!

You never remember everything you do, everyone you meet, but photos are a great way to look back on a trip and remember. A week, a year, a decade later. Where you where, who you were with, what you did and what you saw. So on your next trip, take photos and make memories.

Martine x