keep or delete

Are you like me? An absolute hoarder of shoes…. And photos? The shoe thing I’ve tried to get therapy for without success, so I’ll try to amend my photo hoarding a little.

Photos are such an awesome memory of everything you do, but with every device being able to take a photo I do end up with a lot of them – everywhere and on everything! Having had to do a cull on my phone recently as I couldn’t take any more pics was a steep learning curve in culling!

Doubling up – do you have kids who hijack your phone for selfies with their friends? One of the many pics on my phone was my daughter Millie with her bestie Ned who came to stay – literally tonnes of them! One more crazy then the next. I got her to choose her 5 faves to keep and deleted the rest. I love them both but just don’t need 30 pics of them!

I actually ended up having to frame the best one for Ned to take home J

Blurry pics – whether it’s on a night out after a few wines (I’m sure we’ve all done that) or just a bad photo, get rid of the blurry ones.

Sometimes shots are just not great, but the memories are totally awesome. Definitely keepers!

A few examples of my bad shots;


Keepers or deleters? A worthwhile exercise every now and then. I can take photos on my phone again…. More photos, because I need more!

Love photos… and shoes!


Martine xx