Love, love, love a gallery wall ❤️

Otherwise known as a French Hang wall. Why (and I love this)? It came from many years ago in Paris when artists would trade small pieces of their art for a few drinks and some food. Parisian restaurants became little art galleries in their own right.

I wonder if Monet or Cezanne ever did….

I love the way a gallery wall brings colour, excitement and variety to any wall, and creates a great talking piece. You can really vary the pieces you’re hanging from colour and black & white photos, canvasses and framed pieces, art, prints, souvenirs from overseas – all in a variety of mouldings and medium. It tells a story!

How to create a gallery wall? I would lay your pieces out on the floor, choosing one or two that will be your focus (and hang them at eye level). You can also cut the measurements of your pieces out of paper and Blu Tack them to the wall, having a play with what goes where.

Want to create a digital version? You can upload images into YourFramer, digitally frame them, them copy them onto your desktop and pop them onto a white (or any other colour) background in a program called You can change the sizes and move them around easily.

There are no rules!

Happy hanging!


Martine x