Why sentimental gifts are best received

And is this the secret to giving a great gift? A recent study appears to have the answer.

Who would have thought. There are actual studies behind giving the perfect gift. Do you go with the safe, commercial option or are you willing to risk it with a sentimental gift? The results of this study are probably somewhat different to what you might think!

A recent study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology concluded that when given the choice between sentimental valuable gifts and gifts with superficial attributes givers are more likely to give the latter, but recipients would much rather receive the first. Contrary to popular belief.

The study also interestingly found that givers who felt positively about taking risks generally were more likely to purchase a gift with sentimental value.

First, participants were told to have a friend in mind to buy a gift for (for an occasion), choosing from a framed photo of the two of them having fun or a framed photo of their favourite musician. Other participants were asked which they’d rather receive. It was found that gift givers  did not give the sentimental gift as much as recipients would like  to receive it, even for really sentimental occasions or really good friends.

Then the focus moved on to romantic partners, and which gifts they would rather give and receive. Again, givers, did not choose sentimental over commercial as much as the recipients would have liked.

So, why’s that? It also looked at givers thinking positive and negative about taking risks, then choose a gift. The outcome was that givers thinking positive about risk taking were more likely to take a risk and give that frame with a photo of happy memories.

Results of the study suggest that if givers want their money better spent, they should consider going with something sentimental. “Givers fearing getting it wrong prevents them from getting it right” associate editor David Wooton

Who would have thought there’s so much science behind gift giving! Having said that, personally I would much rather receive a framed photo of my girlfriends and I having fun, or a photo of my little family as a lasting memory of an awesome time we spend together than body lotion or a candle.

So, think about this next time you’re buying something for someone special. You have a whole heap of sentimental gifts sitting right there, on your phone, desktop and tablet – all your photos.

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Mother’s Day is not too far away!


Martine x