This is my daughter – she’s just turned 18. In this photo she’s sitting on her dad’s shoulders at the Notting Hill Festival in London where we used to live. She had deafening whistle she blew in his ear all day, there was dancing in the streets, music, lots of great food…. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. She doesn’t, but thanks to this photo she knows this story.

As one of her 18th birthday gifts I went through all her old photographs and created a little gallery wall for her room of framed photos when she was born, when she was little, her favourite outfit, falling asleep on a beanbag with the doll that went everywhere, adventures with cousins, camping with friends, ‘helping’ oma cook dinner, playing in the mud….

Life is an adventure, but kids don’t remember most things in their early years, unless we tell them their story. And what better way to tell that story than through photographs.

Purely by chance at the same time as my ‘child turning 18’ turmoil, I came across a blog post by Geelong Lifestyle Photographer Michelle McKay, who explained that she could never have foreseen how important the framing and hanging of her own children’s photos was to her children. And not all of them are amazing photos (Michelle does, however, take very amazing photos) but just the snaps, the moments in time.

Kids seeing their life in photos helps them to put together the pieces of their own puzzle, and find a deep sense of connection to places they’ve been, people they’ve met, and adventures they’ve been on. And really just getting to know themselves.

I have an online picture framing business. We frame people’s photos all the time, a lot of them are kids photos. Michelle’s article really reiterated the absolute vital importance of framing and hanging photos of your kids. For you, but more importantly to your kids!

Kids seeing these framed photos is “A testimony to their importance, to their value as a cherished member of their family”, says Michelle. So very true.

We carry our phones everywhere, capturing little moments that are real. We do it every day! But do we realise how important these snippets really are.

Tell your kids their story, frame and hang their photos.


Martine x