Choosing your Mount

selecting your frame mount

What is Mount/Mat Board?

The coloured border around a picture is called a mat or mount. The YourFramer™ framing team uses a special white core acid-free mount board for cutting your mounts. This gives a clean white bevel edge which will not yellow over time.

The mount maintains a space, or border, between the outer frame and the picture. It also provides a space between the glass and the picture.

Images of value should be framed with a mount to prevent them sticking to the glass or acrylic over time.

Glass or acrylic is necessary to protect the coloured mount and the actual image inside the mount.

The mount focusses the attention to the image.

 YourFramer Mountboard….why is it better?

The YourFramer range of mountboard supplied online is a high quality, acid-free board with a clean white core. The white core maintains its whiteness for many years.

The surface paper of the mount or the coloured top layer is produced to an alkaline or neutral pH level, using quality cellulose fibre boards, which are free from impurities which could harm your artwork.

The Inner Core of the mount, the pure white core of the board contains alkaline buffers to maintain the boards’ neutral properties and also to maintain the lifespan of the board. This acid minimises the effects of harmful atmospheric pollutants can have on the board.

The Backing Paper of the mount … is made from chlorine free cellulose pulp, with alkaline buffers to maintain neutral properties.

This all means that the –

  • mats look better because of the white core
  • being acid-free they protect your artwork
  • are colourfast for a much longer time

How to select the right colour mount?

Look for a colour that is in the picture, and use that as the main colour for the mount surround. The colours shown on your computer screen are not 100% accurate to the colour of the actual mount board, so the colour supplied in the kit may vary a little from the online colour.

  • Black and white pictures can look good with a dark green mat as an alternative to a black or white mat.
  • Outdoor photographs usually need the mid green tones.
  • Modern art, children’s pictures, and posters can be enhanced with bright colours.
  • Pencil drawings and fine art are best when surrounded by soft whites.
  • Seascapes look great with the soft greys and blue coloured mats

How to select the right size border?

The wider the mount border – the better the picture will look!!! This is a general rule which can help you choose. So, when framing your pictures use a wide mat border, say at least 6cm. On small photographs, the border can be narrower.

Offset the mount – it means to make the base wider…but ONLY do this when the picture is bottom heavy. A bottom heavy picture will have more of the image contained in the bottom half of the picture, e.g.: a seascape may be all sky in the top half and all land or sea in the bottom half – this is what is called a bottom heavy picture.

You can stretch the appearance of the picture sideways by increasing the mount border size at the SIDES ONLY…eg a wide landscape can be made to look wider with mount sides which are wider than the top or bottom.

You can stretch the appearance of the picture lengthways by increasing the mount border size at the TOP and BOTTOM…eg an image of a lighthouse can be made to look bigger with a wider mount at the top and bottom.



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