Picture Framing Ideas

ideas on what to frame

You do not have to be a creative genius to make interesting and fun pictures with the YourFramer™ online custom framing tool.

The “Framing Ideas” pages will give you lots of ideas for you to make creative projects using a YourFramer™ kit and a little imagination. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’re having difficulty with your project or have any questions!


Photos are not only a great way to preserve and share memories, they are also a good way to dress up a room. You can put a selection together, or blow them up into big wall art. YourFramer can both print ad frame your photos for you, or you can just order the frames if you already have the photos.

Art and Posters

Whether you are a budding artist or you have bought some art unframed YourFramer can help. Upload a photo of your art if you wish to see what it would look like framed. It’ll help you choose the right frame too. Go with the ‘mat and frame only’ option.


Your best memories are made seeing the world. Hang them, share them. YourFramer can print as well as frame them for you!

Weddings are awesome!

A beautiful and very special day. However, getting your photos framed by your professional photographer is not a cost effective way to get the memories of your day on the wall – not forgetting all those family members who would LOVE copies! Let us print and frame them for you.

Birth of a child – such a special event!

The birth of a child is a major event in anyone’s life, for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles… Everyone would like a photo of the newborn. Let YourFramer help you celebrate this great event by printing and framing your baby pics for you (and your family!).

Kids create amazing things!

We know kids bring home a huge amount of their works of art. Celebrate their creativity and preserve at least some of their beautiful pieces of art. Use the YourFramer ‘mat and frame only’ option. We’ll make your frames, you just pop in the works of art.

Pets are family too. Pets play a huge part in the lives of humans and deserve a special spot on our walls just like us.


print, mount & frame

Order print, mount & frame together from $44!


mount & frame

Order frame for photo, artwork or poster from $29!


photo block mounts

Order photos on 10mm block mounts from $25!


print on canvas

Order your print on canvas from $35!


Let us design for you!

We can design your frame