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Wedding photos – the perfect storytellers

Wedding Photos – the perfect Storytellers Long after the honeymoon is over, the flowers have wilted, the cake eaten and champers drunk, your wedding photos will tell the story of your wedding day – warts and all (hopefully not too many warts!). They tell a story – a story that you eventually will tell your children, and their children and maybe even their children. Frame and hang them, let them be talked about, and let the story begin. It’s all…

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memories are everything

I had a customer in today with 2 beautiful photographs to frame. Now, this is the bit I love…. Why, how, when, where…. there’s always a story behind things to be framed! The photographs were taken by a friend of hers – a keen amateur photographer. Her and her husband, the photographer friend and his wife went on a trip of a lifetime around Australia. They came across many amazing things of course but these photographs of this particular sunset…

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keep or delete

Are you like me? An absolute hoarder of shoes…. And photos? The shoe thing I’ve tried to get therapy for without success, so I’ll try to amend my photo hoarding a little. Photos are such an awesome memory of everything you do, but with every device being able to take a photo I do end up with a lot of them – everywhere and on everything! Having had to do a cull on my phone recently as I couldn’t take…

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