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Why we should be giving a more sentimental gift

And is this the secret to giving a great gift? A recent study appears to have the answer. Who would have thought. There are actual studies behind giving the perfect gift. Do you go with the safe, commercial option or are you willing to risk it with a sentimental gift? The results of this study are probably somewhat different to what you might think! A recent study in the Journal of Consumer Psychology concluded that when given the choice between…

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Custom framing vs ready made frames, which one?

If I had a $1 for every time I’ve been asked this question I’d be on a plane on my way to a luxury far away holiday by now. They are very different, but each has its own spot in the market place. So, here is the lowdown on what you need to know in order to choose what’s right for you, the things you’d like to frame and your budget. Custom Framing A custom made frame is exactly that…

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Wedding photos – the perfect storytellers

Wedding Photos – the perfect Storytellers Long after the honeymoon is over, the flowers have wilted, the cake eaten and champers drunk, your wedding photos will tell the story of your wedding day – warts and all (hopefully not too many warts!). They tell a story – a story that you eventually will tell your children, and their children and maybe even their children. Frame and hang them, let them be talked about, and let the story begin. It’s all…

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