Wedding Photos – the perfect Storytellers

Long after the honeymoon is over, the flowers have wilted, the cake eaten and champers drunk, your wedding photos will tell the story of your wedding day – warts and all (hopefully not too many warts!). They tell a story – a story that you eventually will tell your children, and their children and maybe even their children. Frame and hang them, let them be talked about, and let the story begin.

It’s all in the planning

But the start of this wedding story is huge! A massive amount of organising from the venue, to the dress, the flowers, the décor, the food, drinks, the stationary, and oh so much more! All the things that make the day.

Photos will make your day too, just a little bit later. And those photos will keep reminding you of the overall day, what the dress looked like, how wonderful the flowers were, the people that were there and how amazing the venue was.

Photographers play a massive role on the day and not just for one day, the memories are forever. They will be working on those photos long after the big event, making sure they are beautifully edited.

Do your research and make sure you choose a photographer who reflects your style, fits your budget, and can tell your story without missing details. It pays to do your homework – look at their websites, read their blogs and look at other weddings they’ve shot. Have a meeting with them to make sure you all get on too.

Wedding photography can be pricey – some photographers do offer a payment plan which is worth checking out.

Of course friends will take photos too. A friend of mine set up a hashtag for her wedding which people could use when posting their photos of the day on Social Media, so her and her groom didn’t miss a thing (the Insta hashtag pics did get funnier as the night went on).

The BIG day

The big day has arrived. Nan can’t stop smiling, dad wipes away a tear, a wink from the groom, the little bridesmaid is playing in the confetti, there’s crazy dancing on the dance floor, great catch ups between old friends – all unique and crazy moments you might miss on the day, captured for you by a photographer.

It’s not only capturing the people, it’s a capture of their emotions and the atmosphere of the day that are really important.

Photos will not only capture the things you have worked so hard to organise but will also capture the complete atmosphere and environment of the day – things you might not remember once you’re back from your honeymoon.

Let your wedding photos make you smile every day

Most photographers will now give you a USB with all your high res images. Print and put the best of those images on your wall to make you smile every day. Your wedding photos are just perfect for that.

Big, framed statement pieces look awesome, they create a piece of wall art by themselves. Print them onto canvas or create a gallery wall with lots of smaller framed photos.

Framed wedding photos make the ideal gift for grandparents (what parent and grandparent would not love a framed photo of their child’s big day!), bridemaides, and other wedding guests.

And don’t forget to tell the story – the story that was your wedding. Kids love nothing better than to see their parents dressed up and looking stunning on their big day. Wedding photos are passed down through generations, so make them count.


Martine x

PS I’m writing this on the day of my 13th wedding anniversary – guess who’s taking a walk down memory lane later ❤, might even invite the kids!